The cover is here! I can hardly contain myself, but I’ve been told that I must. The cover for the first book in the new A.M.I. Records series has been completed and delivered.

Snowy slopes, castles, and dinosaurs – anything is possible at Autonoma. With friendly hover bots offering a personal experience to every guest, you’ll never forget your time at this Virtual Reality Amusement Park; no matter how far you run.
When the simulations begin to break, and cracks appear in the polished veneer of the machine’s experiments, could this be the work of a virus, or something more sinister?
With Gate 13 offering the only chance of escape, can Alex and Michael find their way out before the Havoc bots close in? Will they find more than they bargained for following their absent minded hover bot, Henri? Will the ruptures run deeper than their digital world, or can they patch up their differences long enough to flee in time?
Autonoma Resort – Welcome to the ride of your life
Autonoma – Gate 13 is the first in the A.M.I. Records series, a fast paced sci-fi adventure from Emily Reading. Due for release in Q4 of 2018.

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