Autonoma Gate 13

What if the most remarkable virtual world turned into your worst nightmare?

On the surface, the Autonoma Resort is the perfect escape, but it doesn’t take long for Alex to discover things are not as they were promised. With the simulations growing more and more unstable, it becomes clear that’s not the worst of it.

As H.E.N.R.I, an unreliable hoverbot, leads the way, Alex is forced to contend with far more than dubious technology and rogue bots. When the foundations of a megacorporation are blown open, there’s nowhere to hide from an unsettling past or the nagging feeling of déjà vu.

With everything to lose and little time to uncover all the answers, Alex must rely on instincts, fear, and gut feelings to find a way out or risk it all.

Nothing is as it seems and everything is at stake. Welcome to the ride of your life.

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