Alex and Michael are forced to flee as the theme park of their dreams quickly crumbles in to the sinister nightmares of their past. A virus seizes control of the virtual reality facility, as they escape into the depths of the park’s abandoned ruins. A series of puzzling clues lead the pair to discover the true intent of the facility, and the dark secrets buried long ago. Gate 13 offers a way out, but will they find it before the machines find them?

Welcome to the Autonoma Resort – where dreams come to life; and your nightmares will find you.

Autonoma – Gate 13, is the first in the action science fiction Autonoma series. If you like fast paced adventure, engaging mystery, and dark suspense, then you’ll love this new series from Emily Reading. Buy Autonoma – Gate 13 to read Alex and Michael’s story today.

Residuum of Ravenstone

The ancient nation of Rytus and her citizens, betrayed by the gods once before at Ravenstone, can no longer escape the lies of their ancestors. Defined by the colour of their blood, the people of Rytus rose from the ashes before, but when challenged, will they obey the gods or rise to their mantel?

Only a series of catastrophic events, echoing the fall of Ravenstone, will drive our heroes to question the true value of their blood. Will they accept their fate, or will they rise to the fight?

Residuum of Ravenstone, is the first in the seven part series, the Ruins of Rytus. Join our heroes as they come to learn, not everything is as clean cut as they had been raised to believe. When the Blood Debts are due and their masters must die, will they obey the gods or will they fight for justice?

suus ‘in sanguine tuo | It’s in your blood

This is book one of an epic dark sword and sorcery series, set in the fictional lands of Rytus.

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