A week ago, I was brimming with pride, I’d finally got my website just how I’ve always wanted it to be. That’s a big deal for me, simply because I am so focused on the tiniest of details there’s usually always something I want to move, or tweak, or change; yet here is my awesome website that I’m super proud of. Then I got the email a few days ago to say the server had suffered a ‘catastrophic’ failure.

‘Attempts will be made to recover data’ I read, and my heart sank. I knew it was gone. I had backups, but they were on the server; with the ones I had downloaded going back to April. All those little tweaks and changes, gone.

Oh well. What can you do? Rebuild it again!

This time I managed to skip a few learning steps and get stuck straight in. We’re almost back up and running 100%. Huzzah! There’s just a few things I’ve got to put back now like the blog posts and put my newsletter subscribers back into the system (if you haven’t heard from the Reading Corner Club Blog Roll for a while, don’t panic, it’s coming back tomorrow morning).

Thank you all for your continued support. I’ll make a point of downloading my backups now I think, and maybe even backing the backups up on another drive, just in case.

If you do spot any bugs or something isn’t working right, please do let me know.

As ever, wishing you all a super fantastic day.

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