The new computer arrived, though I think I may have underestimated the size of the case!

When my old computer died an undignified death, well specifically the old graphics card, it was time for an upgrade. Having being out of the loop for a long time, I wasn’t entirely sure which computer to buy. I didn’t really want to build it myself, I never get them quite right and it annoys me – it’s less annoying when a ‘pro’ gets it wrong. So in the end, I bought an off the shelf number. I was tempted to go with Dell’s Alienware range but opted for a custom built rig.

Toyed with the fine balance of what I wanted against what I could afford, before running the build before the husband. He gave it a tweak and I ordered it.

When I opened the living room door, I was shocked by the size of the box. I laughed and suggested it’s probably all packing. Couple of cardboard boxes later we found the case. It was massive! I looked nervously towards Jay, I figured I was in a lot of trouble. Together we got it set up and he kindly took it up to the office/computer room/littlest bedroom. I had planned for it to go on the desk where the old one was, so I could see inside the window on the side…. that wasn’t going to happen! Perhaps it can go in the designated hole in the computer desk and slowly cook itself… no, doesn’t fit… so now it lives on the floor by the smallest bookcase. Very few other places it can go, it kind of blocks the door and I have to be careful not to spill stuff on it as I walk out the room, but that’s where Colossus lives now.

Unfortunately the shop we bought it from didn’t have any lights in stock, so a quick visit to eBay later saw me purchase some colour changing LED strips. Got them working and I’m really pleased with the computer.

I am however less impressed with Windows10 – everything was absolutely fine until the forced updates started. The most vexing being when I was working on my latest book, stopped for lunch, came back and found it had not only forced through an update but also restarted the computer, moved all my documents (I thought they had been deleted at first and nearly died) and uninstalled office. Great work there Bill! Now it won’t talk to my scanner and keeps telling me my printer is dead…. Oh for the days when you could choose not to update until later. I have since found out how to at least make it ask you before it turns off the computer, but seems updates are no longer optional, no matter what they’ll do to your lifespan!

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