It may not be a surprise to some of my superfans, but to those who are new to me and my writing, I do struggle a little with commas in particular. I could go on and explain how I left school essentially illiterate and decided enough was enough.

I picked up a thesaurus (I didn’t have a dictionary) and taught myself how to spell. When I became a writer, I had to start this process again and work on my grammar. I’ve learnt so much since the first draft of Residuum of Ravenstone (my first book), mostly from listening and learning from the feedback of my editors. There were however a few gaps in my understanding.

I spotted Let’s Eat Grandma! on Amazon, and although it’s targetted at children (officially 9 years +) I saw the ‘look inside feature’ and I liked what I saw. It arrived earlier in the week and I’ve worked my way through it.

It’s a fantastic book if you need to better understand grammar (regardless of how far beyond 9 years old you are). It breaks down the rules for punctuation and grammar with understandable examples; plus beautiful illustrations that are sure to bring a smile to your face.

I sent a link to one of my editors (while apologising again about my overuse of commas) and explained my excitement to her.

I’m really looking forward to implementing the lessons I have learnt.

Take a look on Amazon: Let’s Eat Grandma!

Karina Law (Author), Mike Phillips (Illustrator)

My rating: 5 Stars (Highly Recommended)


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