The ancient nation of Rytus and her citizens, betrayed by the gods once before at Ravenstone, can no longer escape the lies of their ancestors. Defined by the colour of their blood, the people of Rytus rose from the ashes before; but when challenged, will they obey the gods, or rise to their mantel?

Only a series of catastrophic events, echoing the fall of Ravenstone, will drive our heroes to question the true value of their blood; as the gods move to challenge them once more. Will they accept their fate, or will they rise to the fight?

Residuum of Ravenstone, is the first in The Ruins of Rytus series. Join our seven heroes as they come to learn, not everything is as clean cut as they had been raised to believe. When the blood debts are due and their masters must die, will they obey the gods?

suus ‘in sanguine tuo | It’s in your blood

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